Mission of the Institute

At the Institute we are dedicated to  providing attorneys with the tools necessary to overcome the pitfalls of  depression, alcoholism, drug abuse and suicide.  We offer a two track program which will deal not only with improving your trial skills but will also equip you to handle the stress which is inherent in being an attorney, especially a trial attorney.

Programs Offering

Improve your trial skills

Track number one: will take you on a journey to becoming the best trial attorney you can be.  At the institute we believe that every trial attorney has a little bit of greatness inside which with nurturing and training can be developed even more. It doesn't matter where you are in your journey to become a better trial attorney, we meet you where you are.

We also offer courses geared specifically to improvement of trial skills such as cross-examination; developing your case theme and telling your story in opening statement.

Find Work/Home Balance in your life

Find Work/Home Balance in your life


Track number two: is designed for the attorney who desires to become a more balanced person.  It is an extension of  our Florida Bar accredited CLE seminar which we present to bar associations and law firms, "Make Law Your Profession, Not Your Life." 

Through individual coaching, you will develop your own customized stress management system.

Listen to why you need to Make Law Your Profession Not Your Life

The amount of coaching necessary to get you to your ultimate goal it entirely up to you. We offer 6 sessions programs and 10 sessions programs. You might want to design your special programs based on your needs.

No one else has to know you have made the decision to get off the out of control treadmill we call the practice of law and discovery the rest of your life.

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