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V. Lynn Whitfield is the founder of VLW Enterprise, Incorporated and The Storm Transformer, who inspires and encourages people not to quit when faced with the storms of their lives instead to turn those storms into triumphs.



Orphaned at the age of ten and made a ward of the State of Ohio, Lynn overcame her meager beginnings and went on to become the first member of her family to graduate from a four year college. She continued her education through Law School and is an accomplished trial attorney, who has practiced both criminal and civil law.

An attorney with over 30 years of practice in all areas of trial work,  Lynn tried criminal cases as prosecutor and defense attorney.  She's represented both governmental entities and plaintiffs in civil cases.  Her trial skills have enabled her to settle cases easier because opponents didn't want to risk a trial. She has tried cases throughout South Florida.  The experience of over 100 jury trials has developed her trial skills and now she wants to show you how to develop the same skills and enjoy the same success.



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Lynn’s depth of experience has allowed her to develop and hone her skills to an extent not available to most young lawyers. Ms. Whitfield also has a natural gift for communication.
— Donnie M. Past President of Palm Beach County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and ABA Delegate

WHEN LYNN SPEAKS - Public Speaking Series 

Lynn has a message which will inspire your organization, employees, students and/ or church group to be personally accountable and responsible for their lives as they develop the fortitude to drive through the storms  so they can  see the rainbow.


  • Turning Your Storms into Triumphs- It’s All in Your Attitude
  • Developing a Mindset to Drive Through the Storm
  • Remove the Mask and Let Them See You
  • Ten Steps to Overcoming the Shame of Failure
  • Your Past Doesn’t Dictate Your Future